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You Look Familiar! Let Me Take a Photo

In the digital era, where every image and piece of data becomes a valuable currency, a revolutionary tool emerges that redefines standards of security and visual identification: Clear View.

This Artificial Intelligence system stands as the ultimate guardian of precision, boasting a police database that exceeds 40 billion images, the world's most extensive. The most astonishing feat of Clear View is evident in its extraordinary accuracy, surpassing 99% across all demographic groups.

imagén ilustrativa de una herramienta revolucionaria que redefine la seguridad y la identificación visual

In an interview with CNN Business, Hoan Ton, the founder of this innovative tool, asserts that Clear View stands as a pillar for justice and legislative democracy.

Recently, the application of this technology assisted in the facial recognition of a fraudster who had extracted a significant sum of money from a bank client, illustrating its tangible impact on fraud prevention.

Clear View goes beyond impressive figures; its practical demonstration reveals the ability to identify a vast number of individuals with a single photograph, encompassing over eleven million records globally, according to the official website of Clear View AI.

Have you measured the powerful reach of this tool?

Intriguingly, this facial recognition tool patents the identification of "Wild Photos," indicating that clarity in the target's face is no longer a requirement to know their identity.

More than a bold beacon, Clear View casts disquieting shadows over the integrity and security of personal information, fueling growing concerns about privacy invasion in an increasingly permeable world of surveillance and cyber extortion.

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Hoan Ton's Interview for CNN Business:


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