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Warning: Don't be found by SHODAN.

Delve into the dark world of digital connectivity, where SHODAN (Shodan Search Engine - emerges as the pioneer and relentless guardian.

This search engine for the Internet of Everything (IoE) not only unveils the vast array of connected devices online, from routers to servers but also unravels the secrets encoded in service banners. Picture a tracker scouring every corner of the network, gathering information on software, service options, and welcome messages.

SHODAN does not discriminate: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, and SIP; all are scrutinized without mercy. Are you sure you don't want to go unnoticed in this vast ocean of data?

Imagina un rastreador que escudriña cada rincón de la red, recopilando información sobre software, opciones de servicio y mensajes de bienvenida.

Recently, a large-scale cyberattack in Denmark impacted 22 critical infrastructure companies, prompting deep reflection on cybersecurity. While the lack of firewall updates was a key factor in compromising these companies, the incident emphasizes the need to go beyond updates for comprehensive protection.

The exploited vulnerability allowed unauthorized remote access, underscoring the importance of implementing additional security measures.

It is essential for companies to integrate multiple layers of security, from firewalls to detection systems, antivirus, and encryption. However, the effectiveness of these controls crucially depends on regular testing. The Danish case highlights that without proper testing, even with multiple layers of security, systems can fail to protect themselves.


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