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Imagine you're surfing the web, innocently clicking on links, and suddenly find yourself on a completely different website than you expected to visit.

This could be the work of the engineering technique known as Domain Name System Poisoning, or "DNS Poisoning" for short. In this subtle yet powerful attack, cybercriminals manipulate the Domain Name System (DNS) database, redirecting your legitimate requests to malicious destinations.

It's as if someone changed the signs at a crossroads, leading you down dark paths without you realizing it, and leaving you vulnerable to potential online threats!

In the cybersecurity world, DNS Poisoning acts like a digital chameleon, altering the addresses we use to find trustworthy websites. Attackers can exploit this tactic to impersonate identities and deceive us, redirecting our connections to dangerous places.

It serves as a reminder that in the vast landscape of the internet, even traffic signs can be forged, leading us to unexpected and potentially harmful destinations.


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